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I'm a huge fan of action, horror, sci-fi, and comedy, especially of the Direct to Video variety. In this blog I review some of my favorites and not so favorites, and encourage people to comment and add to the discussion. If you click on an image, it will take you to that post's image page, which includes many more pics from the film and other goodies I couldn't fit in the actual review. For announcements and updates, don't forget to Follow us on Twitter and Like our Facebook page. If you're the director, producer, distributor, etc. of a low-budget feature length film and you'd like to send me a copy to review, you can contact me at dtvconnoisseur[at] I'd love to check out what you got.



Hi everyone, it's been a while since I checked the page, and I wanted to make a few announcements.

First and foremost, it appears a dubious site has claimed the old url, meaning any link in any review that goes to the old mattmovieguy url is corrupt. I'm in the process of trying to remove them all, but it's a lot! It's best not to click on any link without hovering over it first to make sure it doesn't have mattmovieguy in the url.

Second, it appears since my last trip to the blog, Photobucket has decided to charge for third party hosting, meaning none of my images are appearing anymore. That's simply an aesthetic issue, but still annoying.

Thank you all for your patience, and again, hopefully this will all be fixed soon.


DTVC Podcast Archive

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Episode 51, part 2 "Fatal Vision", 7/29/2015

Episode 51, part 1 "Tekken 2", 7/29/2015

Episode 50, "El Gringo", 7/22/2015

Episode 49, "Hours", 7/15/2015

Episode 48, "High Lane", 7/8/2015

Episode 47, "Zombeavers", 7/1/2015

Episode 46, "The Prince", 6/24/2015

Episode 45, "Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies", 6/17/2015

Episode 44, "Force of Execution", 6/10/2015

Episode 43, "Top of the World", 5/20/2015

Episode 42, "The November Man", 5/13/2015

Episode 41, part 1 "Robowar", 5/6/2015

Episode 41, part 2 "Robowar", 5/6/2015

Episode 40, "American Ninja 2", 4/29/2015

Episode 39, "Wolfcop", 4/22/2015

Episode 38, "April Fools Day", 4/8/2015

Episode 37, "Assault on Wall Street", 3/25/2015

Episode 36, "Open Windows", 3/18/2015

Episode 35, "Drive Hard", 3/11/2015

Episode 34, "Trekkies", 3/4/2015

Episode 33, "The Hit List", 2/25/2015

Episode 32, "Ninja Apocalypse", 2/18/2015

Episode 31, part 1 "The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story", 2/11/2015

Episode 31, part 2 "The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story", 2/11/2015

Episode 30, "Prototype X29A", 2/4/2015

Episode 29, "Falcon Rising", 1/28/2015

Episode 28, "Lizzie", 1/21/2015

Episode 27, "Don't Blink", 1/14/2015

Episode 26, "Mercenaries", 1/7/2015

Episode 25, "Sharknado 2", 12/17/2014

Episode 24, "Legendary", 12/10/2014

Episode 23, "Man of Tai Chi", 12/3/2014

Episode 22, "In the Name of the King 3", 11/12/2014

Episode 21, "Brainsmasher: A Love Story", 11/5/2014

Episode 20, "House on Haunted Hill", 10/29/2014

Episode 19, "La Horde", 10/22/2014

Episode 18, "Dredd", 10/15/2014

Episode 17, "The Sacrament", 10/8/2014

Episode 16, "The Frozen Ground", 10/1/2014

Episode 15, "Machete Kills", 9/24/2014

Episode 14, "Shooter", 9/17/2014

Episode 13, "Erased", 9/10/2014

Episode 12, "Howling 2", 9/3/2014

Episode 11, "In Bruges", 8/27/2014

Episode 10, "Bad Milo", 8/20/2014

Episode 9, "Ambushed", 8/13/2014

Episode 8, "Ninja II", 8/6/2014

Episode 7, "The Killing Season", 7/30/2014

Episode 6, "Parker", 7/23/2014

Episode 5, "Strippers Versus Werewolves", 7/16/2014

Episode 4, part 1, "We are What we Are", 7/9/2014

Episode 4, part 2, "We are What We Are", 7/9/2014

Episode 3, "Puncture Wounds", 7/2/2014

Episode 2, "Re-Animator:, 6/25/2014

Episode 1, "Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark, 6/11/2014

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