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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Blown Away (1992)

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There are a few Blown Aways out there. I was drawn to this one specifically because it was rockin' the two Coreys. How can you not want to see a film that has them in it? Did you not like License to Drive? I didn't think so.

Blown Away is about two brothers, Haim and Feldman, who work at a ski resort somewhere in Canada. Haim falls for Nicole Eggert, and a romance ensues. She convinces him to help kill her dad. At the same time he's dumped the chick who played Claire on 90210. Feldman scoops her up, but she dies too, after a horse accident. Now Haim's in trouble. All the while, people in the film have expert knowledge of bomb making, and they put these sophisticated devices everywhere. Haim barely survives one, and goes to the cops. Turns out Eggert's hooking up with Feldman. The whole thing ends in a hail of gunfire, with Haim the lone man standing.

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This movie has a ton of Corey Haim's buttcheeks. Sure, it has a bit of Nicole Eggert's boobs, pre-implants, and it has some Feldman butt too, if you're into that. But it has more Haim cheeks than I'm sure anyone ever wanted to see. It was way more than I wanted, I know that.

This is your classic suspense thriller schlock, with it's twists and turns and who-do-you-trusts. We get everything from the Haim standpoint, so I guess he's the protagonist. By the end of the movie, I'm not sure any of us care. Also, the film makers seem to think sophisticated bomb making is so easy anyone can do it. People are planting these devices with digital timers and whatnot everywhere. It's ridiculous.

Like many movies with the two Coreys, this one has more Haim than Feldman. I've always been more of a Feldman guy, so I've never understood why this is the case. One of them was in Goonies and Stand By Me, and one wasn't. Just Feldman's Meatballs 4 work alone makes him head and shoulders above Haim. On the other hand, I've met many that disagree with me and say Haim is better. I guess it's open for debate.

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Nicole Eggert isn't the hottest chick in this film, it's the girl who played Claire on 90210. I was upset they dumped her so quickly. It's never clear whether she's murdered or not, but the cops in the film think Haim did it. It's never resolved. I imagine she took the role as an actress just starting out, trying to get whatever work she can. She was probably star struck too. Now she probably doesn't even put this film on her resume. At best, she wishes imdb would strike it from the record.

This movie should be on Lifetime Movie Network. That's it. Maybe rent it for the Coreys factor, but that's a big maybe. This is worse than National Lampoon's Last Resort. If you really want a movie with Feldman and Haim, just watch License to Drive again. On the other hand, if you're a veteran bad movie watcher, and you're looking for a challenge, the novelty of the two Coreys might be enough to do it for you. I guess looking back it was for my friends and me; but again, rent it at your own peril.

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  1. Corey Feldman is hilarious in this! In some scenes, he looks like he woke up from a cocaine bender.