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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

AVH: Alien vs. Hunter (2007)


Some people think I'm a glutton for punishment going back to The Asylum like I do, and they're probably right. But Da Vinci Treasure was really good, and I Am Omega wasn't so bad, so I figured I'd give them another crack at it. This picture seemed like a logical next step.

Alien vs. Hunter has William Katt as a writer in a small California town that's been invaded by aliens. A small group of townspeople join up with him to try and escape them or kill them. As the movie goes on, they notice that one alien seems to want to kill the other. Eventually they kill the bad alien, and the seemingly good one disappears back into space.


The thing with this movie that I never considered going into it was: the movies it's ripping-off are silly and campy already. It's like, why am I watching a silly and campy rip-off then? Is William Katt enough? Probably not. Not only that, but a good chunk of this film is just people yelling at each other about what the next course of action should be. Did they not see AVP? The awesomeness was in the Predator fighting the Aliens. But since neither was alien was cool in this, and they didn't really have the two fight each other that often, it was just plain lame.

I haven't seen William Katt in anything in a while. Probably since the House movies. On imdb, I saw a film called Snake Island listed, and one user commented "It should've been called Suck Island". That just sounds too amazing to be true, so it's in my Netflix queue as we speak. In this film, he was classic William Katt, and I was hoping he would find a box with a superhero outfit in it and take out both aliens with his new superpowers, and then fall in the ocean because he wasn't any good at flying. The last scene could've been him on a couch with a blanket around him shivering, with Dedee Pfeiffer taking his temperature. Had the people making this been cool enough to think of that, AVH would've been cooler than AVP. Unfortunately it seems only I think of things like that.


I've always wanted a Batman vs. Predator movie, and I can only assume the recent success of The Dark Knight and the non-success of the second AVP will mean that my dream may never happen. Ugh! I don't want to take anything away from Heath Ledger's amazing performance, but the most amazing thing ever would be an Adam West style Batman fighting a Predator played by a comedic actor. He'd have a hot chick and some random guys in henchmen suits, and he'd rob a bank using some fluorescent green gas that knocks everyone out. Again, why am I the only one who thinks of things like that? Look, it's a call from Commissioner Gordon. "Batman, the Gotham City Bank was robbed yesterday. Eye witness accounts described a man with dreadlocks, like a Jamaican or Manny Ramirez. That can only mean... " I know, the Predator!

That was a major digression, but there really isn't much more to talk about in this one. Dedee Pfeiffer was the other name in the film, and she's in another The Asylum feature ripping off Journey to the Center of the Earth. On imdb I saw a film she did back in 1995 called Deadly Past that also has Mark Dacascos. It's not out on DVD yet, but Dacascos is making a case for Hall of Fame induction, so anything I can get of his will help. I got a couple others lined up anyway.


Next up from The Asylum is Universal Soldiers. Speaking of that, word on the street is Dolph and Van Damme are lined up to do another Universal Soldiers picture soon. I looking forward to that, and you'll know that whenever we here at the DTVC know something, you'll know something too.

Don't bother on this one. Just see the real AVPs instead. They're way more fun, and they actually have the Predator in it. I just want too say, Hollywood, call me and let's talk about getting this Batman vs. Predator off the ground. It'll be great.

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