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Monday, April 20, 2009

Snake Island (2002)


I've had this in the can for quite some time. The problem was it starred William Katt, which in and of itself isn't exactly a problem, but I didn't know he was also in Cyborg 3, and I couldn't have too many William Katt films too close together, so I had to shelve this bad boy to post it later.

Snake Island has William Katt as an author doing research for a new book. He goes to a resort on Snake Island, and things go from bad to worse. A tourist group is stranded there, waiting for supplies to get them away. The snakes don't want them there, and they make that clear. Can Katt and the tour guide survive the night and get off the island?


This wasn't too bad. Pretty silly. It tried intentionally to be silly, but that didn't hurt it as much as it might have in other cases. The first half of the film was all close calls, which was kind of frustrating. You gotta start the body count quick in a film like this. There's a party scene where two women inexplicably take their tops off, which is fine with me, but might annoy some. One thing I found was the African feel-good music they played during the credits sounded just slightly like Erasure's "A Little Respect", which put that song squarely in my head for days afterward.

This is the second William Katt film we've reviewed where he plays an author (third film overall). Here he's an established author, while in Alien vs. Hunter he's trying to make it work. Is there something authorial in his demeanor? For me I can only see a man who gains superpowers when he puts on a special outfit. Though this film didn't have him don the suit and save the day, they did the next best thing and had him wear a cricketer's gear.


Cricket's awesome, and I think more movies should be based on it. Don't ask me how cricket works, it's just the idea of the sport I like. What about a dude who goes around Casey Jones style beating the crap out of baddies? Or a group of English terrorists posing as a traveling cricket team? The possibilities are endless. If they can make a movie based on Modern Pentathlon, they can make one based on cricket.

A man named Wayne Crawford wrote, directed, produced, and cast himself as the hero in this. He also got to hook up with the hottest chick in the film. No shame in his game, apparently. I guess if he didn't hook himself up like that, all his friends would be giving him a hard time. Just the same, it's smells a little Woddy Allen-ish. Maybe Wayne Crawford is going to marry his wife's adopted daughter too.


This will be the sixth snake movie we've reviewed here, and I'd say it's up there as one of the better ones. The worst snake film we've covered was Snakes on a Train, and I'd say the best was Boa vs. Python, which was also the first film we've ever done. In that range, Snake Island was much closer to the latter than the former. The further any film can be from Snakes on a Train the better.

This isn't a bad deal. If you see it on Sci-Fi (Sy-Fy?) late at night, give it a go. I wouldn't spend any real money on it, unless you're having a snake film film fest, then you can add it in. I think it's best kept on Sci-Fi at 3 AM, personally.

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