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I'm a huge fan of action, horror, sci-fi, and comedy, especially of the Direct to Video variety. In this blog I review some of my favorites and not so favorites, and encourage people to comment and add to the discussion. For announcements and updates, don't forget to Follow us on Twitter and Like our Facebook page. If you're the director, producer, distributor, etc. of a low-budget feature length film and you'd like to send me a copy to review, you can contact me at dtvconnoisseur[at] I'd love to check out what you got. And check out my book, Chad in Accounting, over on Amazon.

The DTVC 40 Club

Members of the 40 Club have had 40 or more movies reviewed on the DTVC

1. Dolph Lundgren - 59*

2. Gary Daniels - 51

3. Art Camacho - 46

Art Camacho is one of the most influential figures in DTV history. Whether its his work as stuntman, fight choreographer, or director, what we think of as DTV action today wouldn't exist without him. The reality is, because so much of his work is behind the scenes, our tagging number is a best guess at how many of the films we've covered involved him in some way, but he could have even more.

4. Albert Pyun - 42†

Friend of the DTVC Albert Pyun is the only director in the 40 club.  Love him or hate him, he's always earnest in his approach, and comes to his projects with the best of intentions. Not only that, but his films are often chock full of great names that are familiar to us DTV fans. Like the other members of this club, he's a true DTV legend.

5. Cannon Films - 41§

Cannon revolutionized the action realm in the 80s, in particular with DTV films. Big names and big action were there hallmarks, and there was no shortage of great ones, especially when the famed producing duo of Golan and Globus took the helm. Alas, as the decade wore on, they set their sights on bigger productions, and two in particular proved their undoing, The Masters of the Universe and Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. But what they achieved before that will live on in our hearts.

* Dolph Lundgren has 60 tags, but one is for the JCVD Film Fest we did for our 400th Post
† Albert Pyun has 43 tags, but Mean Guns was reviewed twice.

§,Cannon has 42 tags, but American Ninja 2 was reviewed twice.

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