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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Day of Wrath (2006)

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I caught this film over the summer when a buddy brought it by. Between Fortress, Highlander, and Mortal Kombat, we're all pretty big Lambert fans, especially of his DTV work. That's why he's a Hall of Famer. It is also important to note that this is not the Carl Dreyer classic of the same name. Though I'm a huge fan of his work, this isn't a Criterion Collection blog.

In some ways Day of Wrath lives up to Lambert's Hall of Fame status. No, it's no Fortress or Druids, but it has it's moments. It's important to note that on March 29th Lambert celebrated his 50th birthday, so I'm a little more lenient with him than I am with some others when it comes to movies like this. I take his reputation into account.


Day of Wrath takes place in the 16th century, and Lambert plays a detective solving some murders. There's also a mysterious fencer who kicks Lambert's ass ad nauseum. It's kind of hard to take considering he once played Connor MacLeod.

Hands down, best part, horse chase where Lambert slaps a guy on another horse to disrupt him. He looked like a gay dude in a love triangle fighting on Jerry Springer with the guy who was sleeping with his man. It really made the movie for us, and we watched the scene over and over.


The drawbacks are many. The plot is a little ambitious for a film of this quality, especially the poorly delivered twist at the end. More distressing, Lambert isn't the penultimate fighter, even though he's the only big name in it. It's annoying to see some masked swashbuckler swoop in and kick Lambert's ass. Of course all of these issues we had with the film were ignored after the slapping scene.


This is a tough call in terms of value. Rent it, but don't spend new release money on it. It's relatively new (2006, I believe), so don't buy it for more than a few bucks. Under no circumstances do you pay the full $19.99. If you haven't seen Fortess 1 and 2, Druids, or Mean Guns, I'd watch those before this one.

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