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Monday, May 7, 2007

Mind, Body, & Soul (1992)

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Wings Hauser is a great guy. I don't know this personally, I just mean in terms of him as an actor. He does everything from TV dramas to direct to video bad action. And in everything he does, he's still Wings. He might be a good guy Wings, or a bad guy Wings, or even a seemingly good guy Wings who in a crazy plot twist becomes a bad guy Wings. But all in all, he's still Wings, and that's why he's a DTVC Hall of Famer.

I found this film in one of those 10 action films for one low price kind of deals. I showed it to my buddies while visiting them up at college, and it was an instant hit. As I recall, my buddy's roommate wasn't home when we watched it, so they loaded the guy's screen saver up with pics of Wings. Then they left to go eat, while I remained behind, and I was talking to the dude about wrestling. In fact, I'd forgotten all about the joke, and when he stopped using his computer as our conversation went more in depth, I was in tears when the screen saver popped up. My friends were upset they missed his reaction.

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Mind, Body, & Soul stars Ginger Lynn Allen as a woman mixed up with a Satan worshipper. In a Kafka-esque turn of events, she's wrongfully arrested for her association with him and his cult's sacrifice of a young girl, and must suffer a forced dry humping by the prison guard before savior defense attorney Wings Hauser can bail her out. He has her type what she knows about the cult into his computer so they can prepare her testimony. All the while, weird things are happening, and they all seem to be linked to some medallion. Surprise, surprise, Wings is actually the head of the cult, and he set her up the whole time. Luckily she "befriended" some doughy dude and a police detective who save her life before Wings has a chance to sacrifice her.

The prison guard dry hump was just one of many silly events in this film. Ginger has a friend she met in prison who decides to go see some mystic about all the weird stuff that's happening. She talks to some hilarious mystical puppet that the mystic conjures up. Supposedly this ritual she went through is supposed to protect her, but she's killed in the shower, so I guess it didn't work.

The prison guard's a member of the Wings cult too, and he engages Ginger and her doughy boy toy in a car chase. It looks grim for her, until she grabs her medallion and wishes for the best. The guard's car flips and blows up. The boy toy rushes with Ginger to investigate the devastation, exclaiming: "what happened to him all of a sudden?"

Wings is pure gold in this. As the head of the Satan cult, he wears one of those black masks with no face and no eye, nose, or mouth slits. It's so beautiful. When he starts to show his true colors, it's so Wings, just like the good guy who was helping Ginger Lynn out was so Wings.

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The movie is also really hard to watch in spots. The prison guard dry hump was pretty graphic and gross, even if it was only a dry hump (only a dry hump-- easy for me to say, I didn't have to endure take after take of it like I'm sure Ginger did). There are other uncomfortable scenes like that in it, they just don't come to mind as quickly. The sacrifice at the beginning was pretty creepy, even if it wasn't that graphic.

This movie is very bad. Even with the Wings factor, it's a tough sell. I'd only watch this if you and your friends are expert bad movie watchers. If you're a novice I'd avoid this for a few years. You should be able to find it in one of those 50 movies at one great price kind of things, so you won't be making a huge investment if it doesn't work out for you.

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  1. You forgot to mention the boom mics that are visible in a couple scenes. remember we even rewound to see it again. Yes, it really was that classy of a movie. ;-)

  2. Yeah, I have nothing but fond memories of this movie. I can't believe I forgot the boom mics. One thing that's always great about the boom mic in a film, is someone always misses it, so you have to watch it at least twice.

  3. Ah, poor ever-suffering Pat. That was a good moment in history

  4. I know, and I'd totally forgotten about. I can't believe I wrote it into the post four years ago. I'm glad I did though, it was priceless.