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Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Peacekeeper (1997)

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I found this film packaged with another Dolph great, Sweepers, and I must say, I made out all right in that deal. I felt like the kid in Trekkies who traded some limited edition action figures with the curly-haired mullet guy with bright red cheeks-- well, kinda... I mean just from the standpoint of getting a good deal... I don't have a woman making Star Trek uniforms to wear to conventions, you know?... I don't have a few minor quibbles or say debahcle... or... or... whatever...

Peacekeeper is a Die Hard type rip-off that takes place in a nuclear missile silo that has been hijacked by some angry vets. Dolph is the guy with the launch codes, and he's attacked and has them taken from him. The guys try to kill him so he can't tell what happened, and they chase him to a shack or something on a rooftop. Dolph hides inside, and the bad guys send one dude, probably no bigger than 5'7", 155 lbs., to see if he's dead. Dolph beats him down and dresses in his clothes. It rules.

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Inside the silo, the game is up, the disguise has been discovered, and he has to fight some guys. He meets up with Montell Williams, who shoots at people on a level above him with his butt up in the air. Also, Roy Scheider is the president, and Chris Heyerdahl is a bad guy with his hair in a pony tail shaped like a buttplug.

There's so much that's great in this film. Montell Williams is just one thing. Another is this shot of the nuclear missile targeting screen. It shows all the countries that could be hit, real super powers like the UK, France, Kazakhstan, and Kenya. Oh yeah, and Chili. That's not a misprint, they spelled Chile Chili. Knowing Dolph's advanced education, he had to have seen that and thought it was funny as we did.

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If you factor in the Sweepers I had packaged with this gem, I only paid $7.50 for it. Really, in terms of quality, I probably paid $12.99 for Peacekeepers, and $2 for Sweepers, but I digress. It's worth it. I'm a huge Dolph guy (as if you couldn't tell), so if you're not, you may only want to pay $5 or less for this, and I'll understand. It's totally worth renting too. You won't be disappointed.

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