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Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Minion (1998)

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I saw this movie after a long night of drinking on FX. I'm a huge Dolph guy, and so is my buddy, and he watched it with me from his own house while we made jokes about it on AIM. Technology is a wonderful thing.

And so is Dolph Lundgren. He's probably the best actor we've had since Bogart. The Minion is just one of the myriad classics he's delivered to us DTVers. His body of work is astounding. In terms of his place in the DTVC Hall of Fame, he's like Babe Ruth... only smarter, more athletic, and in much better shape.

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This movie so amazing on so many levels. I'm sure in my synopsis I'll miss things. A hot archaeologist who can afford to wear expensive designer clothes on her salary, and has no idea how to treat an archaelogical site professionally, finds a bunch of Knights Templer artifacts in New York City. That's right, The Big Apple. Dolph shows up as a KGB trained priest with a big spiked glove. He uses the glove to take out people possessed by some thing that allows the devil to control them. The spikes are entered into the back of the neck, which is apparently the primitive part of the brain.

Does it get any better than that? Well, Showdown in Little Tokyo, Bridge of Dragons, The Punisher, I Come in Peace, et al. But this movie has a rightful place in the Dolph Canon. If you're looking at my synopsis and thinking to yourself "Matty baby, that just seems silly. Why would I want to watch that?" Because, it's a such a good silly, it can't be wrong.

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Usually I do a "what I like" and "what I don't" like section, but there isn't anything I didn't like about this movie. If it was made in the theater with Nicholas Cage or something, I'd have hated this movie. It's as ridiculous a concept as say National Treasure, to be sure. But the fact that it's Dolph and DTV, everything that makes it ridiculous is fun.

This movie is great for both the DTV Connoisseur, or the beginner. Especially if you're new to the world of renting movies and making fun of them with your friends, this is a great starter. As in all DTV films, don't spend more that $5 to $10 on it, even if it is pure gold. It's defnitely worth renting, but I wouldn't watch it alone. You really need to see it in a group and make fun of it.

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