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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mindwarp (1990)

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I'm a huge Bruce Campbell guy, as I can imagine anyone who watches the kind of movies I do is as well. His new Old Spice commercials are, as Billy Ocean once said, "Simply Awesome". The theory is that as long as he's in a movie, it can't go wrong.

Mindwarp takes place in the future. The ozone layer's been destroyed, and the well-off have holed themselves up in these nice indoor cities where they partake in some virtual reality device called Infinisynth. It's so hot, humans have stopped procreating, turning instead to the fantasy worlds in their mind. One girl's had enough, and she says she wants out. She's accused of killing her mom, and is banished. On the outside, she's saved by Bruce Campbell, falls in love with him, then is taken prisoner by these baddies that look disgusting. They're led by the chick's dad, a dude who also split when he'd had enough Infinisynth. The twist at the end will surprise no one.

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I guess theories were made to be broken, and this one does that. The Anything's Good With Bruce Campbell movie theory is thus disproved with Mindwarp. I watched some of this with my dad, and even we both laughed at the scenes of Campbell attacking the gross baddies, but it just wasn't enough. Even with Campbell as this film's only redeemable quality, the movie was too gross and stupid to dig.

I thought going in it was a sci-fi movie, but it's more along the lines of a horror film. There's tons of gore and destruction. But it's not funny like Bad Taste or even the Campbell classic Evil Dead. A kid gets his eye plucked out and then sent into a grinding machine so everyone can drink his blood. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to think that's awesome or hilarious, but it was just weird and gross.

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The twist left something to be desired in terms of continuity. I'm sure you can guess what it is just by reading the plot synopsis: her whole adventure's apart of Infinisynth. Here's the problem: they make a huge stink of telling us that people can only use Infinisynth for so long, and have to take a break to eat and exercise and whatnot. Sounds good to me, but her escapade outside the city yet within Infinisynth was over the course of multiple days. So either she woke up after her first night with Campbell to realize she'd never left, or she's dead. I don't mind that they had her hooked up to the machine and in her fantasy state for multiple days; I do mind that the movie felt they were so smart that they had to tell us she needed to take periodic breaks, and then just drop it for the convenience of the plot.

This is not worth it, even for the Bruce Campbell. Maybe see it if you're a Campbell Completist, but even then you'll be sorely disappointed. This is too gross and depraved to be worth anyone's time.

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